Friday, September 12, 2008

More Bean Bag Issues

I'm beginning to think this is the seminal (calm down) unacknowledged unspoken issue of the male cartoonist's life. My Bean-Bag is still acting up, I'm in some pain.

I got this no-back, ergo-something poncey computer stool made of hard black plastic and shaped like a saddle, with an upturned fist-shaped curve that sits between your legs. It's great advantage was that I could ride around the house on it like Fred Flintstone, leg-rowing my way from the drawing table through to the computer. However, sitting on it wearing a particular pair of jeans, with a large lumped knot around the scrote area, has damaged my sack and I'm going to have to whip the boys out at the local surgery, which makes for a very unpleasant thought for all concerned. I'm kneeling here typing this in order to avoid sitting on the lads. Of course, as a fully affiliated hypochondriac I'm imagining them having to come off, and all other kinds of horrible nastiness.

I don't care how tender a subject it is, I'm advising all male cartoonists in future, to choose what they sit on very carefully.

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Anonymous said...

I shouldn't laugh but that post made me... :D